1997: Tips : How to deal with hates (Criticism)

Tips : How to deal with hates (Criticism)

26 October 2015
So hey whats up you guys. For today's entry I wanted to talk about Criticism and how to handle the hates you get. I mean lets be real, at some point of our lifes, we all had gone through some people who arent really happy for what we are and they started to judge.

Without further ado, Welcome to Tips : How to deal with hates (Criticism)

Criticism in general includes bullies, people who trying to bring you down, people who dont believe in your dreams. There will always be people trying to squeeze you and if you cant control on how you would react or feel, it will lead you into trouble.

If you change through every criticism you get, your life is going to be manipulated into who they want you to be and not who you really are.

You cant keep everyone happy. You will never please everybody. Cant make everyone like you. You will never get away from all the critics.

Even if you changed into what they wanted you to be, did exactly how they asked. They still going to find faults. So dont get stressed out. Dont get carried away with all the criticism and changes. Be who you are and what youre meant to be. Be the person who yourself is going to like, love.

Be kind, be respectful. Yes! But dont live to please others people. stay focus on your goals I mean you must have one right? Everyone has at least one goal they wanted to achieve in their life. So make sure you hold on onto your goals and keep working until you achieve them.

People will tell you which career path you should take.
"You shouldnt wear your hair like that."
"That will never work."
"You will never be anyone."

Dont listen to them. Stay focus on your goals. If people dont understand your goals thats okay they make their own choices and you should make your own too. If you lose some friend because you wont let them control you, that is obviously so okay! They werent really friends in the first place. Honestly you better off without them.

If people trying to be critical, Judging you. Trying to drag you down. Dont let them change you. Since when do you need your friends approval when youre doing things. Thats so, like super sick to think about.

We spent way much time trying to impress other people. Trying to get their approval. Wondering what they think about us. Why? Because i know ive been there done that, I know how it feels to be an outcast, to not fit in. You feel alone, the worst feeling ever. Okay maybe not the most but it is among the most worst feelings ever. So we star doing things we never do, start doing things we never liked. Basically starts being the other us.

But ask this to yourself. Do you happy with what you are now? I mean, being a person who is not you? We kept busy in making impression toward others that we forgot to cheer the most important person in our life, OURSELF.
In conclusion, be someone who you are and dont try too hard to make people like you. Be proud of who you are. Love yourself and then people will start loving you, if they dont, they are not worth a friend.

So yeah thats pretty much for today. If you enjoy this entry make sure you give this entry a big thumbs up, leave a comment below and share to your friends. Bye!


  1. Yeah be ourselves and ignore others criticism, just use some of them to make ourselves a better person in future :)

  2. we live not to impress other people. kadang2 menyampah dgn org cmni, takleh tengok kita bahagia sikit. ada je benda nk dikritiknya. asalkan kita x kacau diorang

  3. be yourself and ignore negative people


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