1997: Are you a Jerk? Find out here!

Are you a Jerk? Find out here!

07 November 2015
Am I a Jerk? Are you a Jerk? Lets find out.

So here is the deal. I need you guys to grab a pen and a paper, or your phone, or you just can memorize in your brain. Whatever you people use this days. And together we are going to observe how much of a Jerk we are.
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So basically aku akan kasi beberapa statement and if you ever done it, you give yourself a point & just to make it fair and square, aku pun akan buat sekali.

But before that, be super honest with yourself come on aint no one gonna judge you. So let us start!

1) Have you ever peed in a pool?
     ► Yes. A man gotta go when a man gotta go.

2) Ko tengah beratur in a looooong line at some sort of funfair or anything so you cut the line be like "Sorry ah kawan saya dekat depan" or "mintak laluan my mommy dkt depan".
     ► Never.

3) You are in this shop surveying for something to buy. Then kau jumpa something yang menarik perhatian but youre not sure how it is actually like, macam "besaq mana cooling pad ni" or "wangi ke tak air freshener yang ni". So apa kau buat? Kau buka daripada plastik dia then kau evaluate wether buy or not to buy. Then you decided to buy the product and what do you do, you put the opened one back and take a brand new one instead.
     ► Absolutely 98% me. Yes. So so sorry tauke I had to, for the best haha!

4) Kau ambik gambar member kau tengah buat something yang memalukan without them noticing just in case for future use, untuk jadikan bahan.
     ► Yup, yup. Never gonna miss a golden chance like this.

5) You release your bloody stinky gases then blame random person.
     ► As much as an awful person I am, this is so not me.

6) You did not want to talk to someone so you pretended like you did not get their text or whatsapp or calls.
     ► 110% accurate! Yes.

7) Tengking pekerja dekat any Malls or Supermarket or mana mana kedai runcit la.
     ► Nope. Never. Maki dalam hati adalah haha!

8) Purposely kills all the innocent people in a video games.
     ► So sorry but it is far to fun cannot resist la. Yes.

9) Dalam peti ais ada air gas or air lah apa apa pun then kau minum. Realizing that air tu dah nak habis and kau ada feel bertimbang rasa, kau tinggalkan sikit air tu dalam sejengkal. Seriously?
     ► Yes! Aku rasa bersalah okay! Atleast aku ada rasa bertanggungjawab dia tu lol.

10) So someone asks you to do something you do not want to do. In order to delay doing anything or possibly not doing anything at all, when they asked you you reply with "Apa dia?" or "Sorry ko cakap apa tadi?" etc even though you know exactly what they said and hopes that they will just do it themselves instead of repeating it.
     ► Never. I hardly can say No to someone yang mintak tolong. Habit I guess.

11) Dengan selamba kau sendawa depan member kau then boleh lagi tiup angin sendawa kau tu direct masuk liang hidung member kau.
     ► Sendawa depan orang, yes. Tiup sendawa, nope. 

12) Kau tunggu waktu malam dalam pukul 12 malam then tukar profile picture whatsapp kau dengan gambar hantu paling win, then kau whatsapp call kawan kau yang tengah duduk sorang sorang.
     ► Yes! Selalu prank member perempuan aku time malam malam. Pernah sekali aku prank sampai dia terkejut tahap baling phone ke dinding. I felt sorry tho tapi seronok! Haha

13) Kau kurung someone dalam bilik, tutup pintu tutup lampu and started whispering something spooky macam bunyi hantu and stuff.
     ► Never tapi had been the person yang kena kurung once. It is not funny ok, at all.

Okay lah maybe funny jugak la, sikit.

14) Someone ask you to take a picture of them and you ended up taking your own selfie.
     ► Yes. Who can say no to cameras?

15) Lepas makan dekat restoran or mamak or most probably Mc Donalds la paling common, for some reason maybe mengisi masa lapang (?) you do all this bloody mess on the table for instance tuang cili sos atas tisu, tuang pepper dalam air coke, mixing all the leftover making a new dish.
     ► Used to do this as a kids, but Im a grown up now kah! Still yes.

16) Lepas makan chewing gum kau lekatkan bawah meja
     ► Never. Apa guna wrapper dia bro/sis?

17) Kau tengah pegang sampah and tengah mencari tong sampah. Bila jumpa tong sampah tu ada tiga tong sampah dengan label 'Tin', 'Paper' & 'Plastic' so ignoring label tu kau buang je dalam tong sampah yang paling dekat.
     ► Nope. You see, I have things with organizing stuff. Its like the good and the worst habit I have at the same time. So paper goes to paper, plastic goes to plastic,  tin goes to tin. 

18) Kau completely terlupa pasal group assignment  and you blame it on something like "Family problems".
     ► Never been this type of person tapi aku ada couple member yang berperangai macam ni. Sumpah annoying.

Now sum everythings up.

If you got in between ;

18-13 ; Youre the King/Queen Jerk.
12-7 ; Youre the junior Jerk.
6-0 : Youre a Unicorn

So lets see, I got 10 out of 18, Im a Junior Jerk yay. 

So whats your's? Let me know in the comment section below. I hope you like this entry and If you did make sure to click share and subscribe and Follow for more entries.



  1. Phewwwww thank god im not the queeeen jerk hahhaha i got 10.5 wuhuw! Thanks bcs i actually had fun doing this!!!!

  2. juniorjerk . lol . i think it's good enough as unicorn is too good . haha

  3. kat uitm dengkil bole pakai jeanss tak?


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