1997: Tag Game \\ 25 Things That Make Me Happy

Tag Game \\ 25 Things That Make Me Happy

28 February 2016
Tagged by >> Mr Mirul

Since I got nothing to post, this tag game is the best choice I have.
I give you, 25 Things That Makes Me Happy!
  1. Music especially Sia's. Shes the queen.
  2. Food. Seriously lots of food and by food I mean fast food.
  3. A text or whatsapp telling me "Class cancel". Shoutout to those whos still studying and got class on 8 in the morning I FEEL YOU.
  4. Blue, Green, Red, Purple(?) notes in my wallet. And lots of them. I'd be the happiest man on earth, even Pharell Williams cant beat me.
  5. A good CGPA please.
  6. Having a friend. A true one not that "ada bila senang takde bila susah" type of kawan.
  7. Being with my catssss. 
  8. Seeing someone I hate suffer or beat him/her at some point.

  9. Sumpah banyak gila 25. Phew.

  10. 5 days of rest and 2 days of school.
  11. Lecturer doesnt give any assignment during weekend/holiday.
  12. Maximum belanja RM5 per day.
  13. Seeing my bank account still got money (3 angka).

  14. Seriously sekarang ramai yang duk tengah ber"goal" pakwe kasi hadiah, bff hantar makanan depan rumah etc. Aku just harap bank account aku still ada duit so bila parents tanya "Ada duit lagi ke tak" aku boleh cakap "Ada lagi". #truestory

  15. Someone belanja Sia's Album.
  16. A lifetime breakfast sponsor by McDonald's
  17. Auntie Annes dalam mall. Menggugat keiiman bak hang.
  18. Nonstop page views in my blog (even tho malas tahap apa nak update)
  19. Nuffnang be more pemurah on giving me more earning.
  20. Ahli group project yang cun cun. Yang memang boleh buat kerja bukan sejenis yang lepas tangan.
  21. I teach a person something and he/she understand cause tbh I sucks at teaching.
  22. Bookstore & Petshop. Idk but I found myself comfortable being in a bookstore as if I go to a mall, I could spend an hour in a Bookstore. Same goes to petshop.

  23. Bila nak habis ni urgh...

  24. Member support lawak hambar aku (ni serius)
  25. Member ajak lepak. Ikhlas tak ikhlas tu kemudian cerita. Yang penting, ajak.
  26. "Duit kau takde ke? Takpe pakai duit aku dulu" kata seorang member.
  27. Cool & Nice shopping voucher. 
  28. This thing has come to its end
Fuhhh thats is literally the hardest things I had ever done huhhh. Thats it for this entry kahkahkah this thing aaa you can expect from me cause I am so malas hoho. Btw, feel free to share your 25 things that makes you happy and link it to the comment bellow.

p/s: its 2.20 in the morning and im still awake blame rumah sebelah they play Fifa macam mereka mereka in a real game, in a real stadium duhh.


  1. dulu masa zaman kafeteria x bukak aku selalu gak belanja maximum rm5 sehari. la ni cafe dah bukak.... makan x ingat nafsu hahahaha! tpi still dlm sehari x lebih rm10

    and ofc CGPA gempak makes me happyyy!

  2. bookstore tuuuuu. hahaha serious bookstore bila kita dah masuk rasa macam nak tinggal dalam tu je hahaha


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