1997: A quick update, sort of.

A quick update, sort of.

13 February 2016

Hahaha this is awkward. So my last post was on 25th of December, Havent post anything in here for like a month and a few days. Well its not my fault that Semester 2 is so hard, I barely alive. Im telling you, my semester 2 is so hard my head is losing its hair. Hahahhahah just kidding about the hair, cant imagine tho how will i look like without my hair. DISASTER.

Ok so let me get things straight.

I (actually we, all of the UiTM foundation student) entered Semester 2 about 2 weeks late from the schedule. Therefore, we now are behind our schedule for also about 2 weeks because of the delay and due to that, we need to merge that 2 weeks we lost into our remaining weeks since we need to finish our program the same date as Diploma student. & THAT MY FRIEND IS WHERE ALL THE STRESS AND TENSION COMES FROM.

All of our lecturers are trying so hard catching up with the syllabus;

  1. some still keeping their momentum slow & steady just to make sure we understand what theyre delivering but in return, we need extra classes. 
  2. & some just dont care, we understand or not they will just go fast with the slide notes making sure we finish our syllabus on time & no extra classes needed. "If you understand, good. If you dont, meet me at the office." & do we go to his/her office. Of course we dont. Well some might will. but for me hahahhahahahhahhahaha no jauh sia nak naik office lecturer ;'))

Despite all the catching up syllabus thingy, we also have quiz & assignment & project & test & oh please have some mercy on us.

Im on my CNY holiday right now. Test 1 already finish last 2 weeks (maybe, I cant remember) & we already got our results. MINE WERE DISAPPOINTING, I mean, even me myself are disappointed with my own results. Tu baru test, we also have Quiz which is also last 2 weeks (also i cant remember but its the same week with my test 1). & now naik cuti CNY ni we have another Test which is Test 2 and also ANOTHER quiz & assignment to be submitted. Lab reports. Essay. Fml.

This is prolly gonna be me by the end of this Semester

Well thats a quick update on my life (study). I had to go.

p/s ; in Dengkil, the facilities are terrible. Air selalu takde (tapi now dah kurang masalah ni), wifi slow gila, tombol pintu bilik aku tercabut (not my fault tho seriously im no vandalisme pls).


  1. gudluck wey! haha serious sem 2 payah sikitlaaaa. pindah tmpt baru pun mmng facilities kurang

  2. sem 2 ni sumpah tough gilaaa. taktau la macam mana part 5 nanti haha goodluck btw!

  3. Hi Izzat, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate? Email me at nurul.aini@my.zalora.com I couldn't find your email so I am leaving a comment to u. Hope to hear soon. Thanks! Ps: this is NOT a spam yah haha :)


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