1997: Tips \\ Buy the Right Running Shoes

Tips \\ Buy the Right Running Shoes

01 March 2016

Ever heard of Zalora? Bet you do. Zalora is the first Online Shopping website that I had gotten myself into and I've been using it since then. Not that I dont trust others Online Sopping website but being me, if I know something is good, Im gonna stick to them & so far Zalora had given me a wonderful experience in Online Shopping. Here is some tips on how to buy the right running shoes for yourself so that you will be more comfortable wearing it.

Looking for the best-fitting running shoes isn’t always easy. To make sure that you could walk with happy feet, you must know that it is important to get a pair of shoes that is properly fit from heel to toe. Scroll down below to check out some of the best secrets of finding the perfect running shoes that will give you a better idea how your next new pair of running shoes should feel on your feet!

Heel – it should feel snug, but not that tight. Get a pair that let you be able to slide your feet out. Some heel movement is good as long as it is not making you uncomfortable. If you feel any irritation when you are trying the shoes in store, it will be amplified when you hit the road.

Width – your foot should be able to move side-to-side without crossing over the edge of the insole. If the shoe happens to be too narrow, you will eventually feel the base of your lil toe, sitting on the edge of the shoe last.

Length – your feet could swell and lengthen over a run. It is crucial for you to ensure that there is a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoes.

There’s one common mistake that you should avoid – do not buy for looks. Some men are too concerned with style and fashion. Try to steer yourself away from that. A cool-looking pair of shoes might look trendy but it might not fit you and you won’t feel good wearing it.


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