1997: A little catching up with life

A little catching up with life

30 October 2016
Guess whos coming back after a long period of hiatus (read : lazy to update).

hello big brother im back davonne rogers im here

Hey guys. So regarding on my last post which is this one, i manage to get into UTM and currently i'm on my mid-semester break right now. So far the course i'm pursuing is O-KAY i mean i can handle it. Maybe because its only the first semester and it'll get tougher and tougher semester by semester who knows?

Also it hasn't been a very busy weeks pun actually and i have plenty of times to kill but its the internet connection there that held me from posting anything in here (no jk im actually just lazy). But seriously tho they got Wifi quota there which is only 20Gb per student. I legit dont understand why there has to be a quota? Seriously.

unimpressed adrien brody don't care not impressed so what

Moving on, i have change the look of this blog and also change the url from "Izzatazharofficial.blogspot.com" to "Jotgasm.blogspot.com" cause its 2016 no one use that term "official" anymore.

Also, why "Jotgasm" one might ask. Ok simple let me just break it down for you.


Simple kan. Its just like orgasm but instead of 18sx, its me. Why Jot? Because i want it to be fancy and "Jatgasm" sounds very weird.

smart clever

I guess thats it for now. Bye :3
p/s : if you guys want to exchange bloglist just let me know in the chatbox.

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