1997: Im a mess trust me

Im a mess trust me

08 May 2017
So I'm halfway (more like 2/3 week till Final) through my second Semester and I'm telling you I'm a total mess.

 im tired GIF

This semester i got myself involved with Jawatan Kuasa Mahasiswa Kolej and it was a huge mistake. Here let me tell you why.

1) My time management sucks. Being a Jawatan Kuasa sure is busy and I fail to allocate my time well. My study is getting worst I can't focus on anything the lecturer are saying, Since my schedule is packed with Kolej's Programs. This past two week is disaster. Last week we had a program in one of the School here, SMK Bandar easter for a program (sort of like kem motivasi for them) and last Saturday I just got back for the same program but in the different school, SMK Air Tawar. Two weeks in a row I tell you its exhausting.

2) Group work like assignment and project, i didnt contribute much tbh and that defintely piss my groupmates off. Of course they didnt tell me straight on my face face, but hey who wouldnt? If I were in their place I wouldnt forgive myself. Why not? They put all the hardwork in the group work and  I didnt yet the mark is still contributed evenly. I fell guilty as fuck :(
p/s: They are still treating me nice above all that, which made me fell more guilty ugh.

3) All I do is sleep I swear its exhausting. Meeting can be like everyday, plus if there's a program that week. Meeting starts at 8 and normally end at 11 or 12 tell me when should I study? As if that will be enough, theres Post Mortem which I think is ridiculous since what we will be doing is only pointing fingers/fault towards other like that is going to change anything.

I haven't sit for final yet but I already could see how my pointer is going to be for this semester smh.

 regina nigahiga ryan higa im tired too fab GIF

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  1. same boat, different cabins lol but fighting! you can never be sure about your future. my advise is, keep going bro!


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